<transcy>Alfa 4'10 | Tavola da surf Soft Top | PREORDINARE</transcy>
<transcy>Alfa 4'10 | Tavola da surf Soft Top | PREORDINARE</transcy>
<transcy>Alfa 4'10 | Tavola da surf Soft Top | PREORDINARE</transcy>
<transcy>Alfa 4'10 | Tavola da surf Soft Top | PREORDINARE</transcy>
<transcy>Alfa 4'10 | Tavola da surf Soft Top | PREORDINARE</transcy>
<transcy>Alfa 4'10 | Tavola da surf Soft Top | PREORDINARE</transcy>
<transcy>Alfa 4'10 | Tavola da surf Soft Top | PREORDINARE</transcy>
<transcy>Alfa 4'10 | Tavola da surf Soft Top | PREORDINARE</transcy>

Alfa 4'10 | Tavola da surf Soft Top | PREORDINARE

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Lunghezza: 4'10 / Larghezza: 18 / Spessore: 2 5/16
Volume: 24L< br data-mce-fragment="1">Impostazione pinna: Include 5 Fin

-Costruzione leggera R+
-Scatole per pinne Futures - Configurazione 5 pinne
-Pelle superiore aderente in lucertola
- Finbox e guinzaglio integrati
-Forma progressiva

L'Alpha 4'10 è una tavola da surf soft top che offre tutte le caratteristiche di cui un surfista ad alte prestazioni ha bisogno combinate in una costruzione leggera e solida. Cuciture invisibili e un design del pad di trazione che ti fa andare Woof! sono alcune delle caratteristiche di questa tavola da surf di prim'ordine. I Finbox Futures integrati in una configurazione a 5 pinne ti offrono una gamma di opzioni per ogni tipo di onda che l'oceano ha da offrire.

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A little more details about this board...
Let the kids have a blast and perform as a pro-surfer. The Alpha dog 4'10 is the perfect size and fit for your young puppy who wants to improve his or her surfing. The outline of the shape encourages a lightweight surfer to charge with smoother and more powerful moves in any kind of waves. A little word of friendly advice though, this board is for the more experienced young dogs with a lot of progression in mind and not suited for your very first waves.
5 fin setup
This is for sure the cherry on the cake. With 5 futures finboxes you always have all options when it comes down to fin positioning in different types of waves. A quad setup, 2fins on each side, for more speed and looser for maneuvers. A thruster setup, 2 side fins + 1 center fin, for more carving and grip when doing bottom turns. The choice for a certain fin setup can be very personal and is depending a lot on the personal preferences of the surfer. But don't be bothered, you have all options!
Futures finboxes
Futures is a universal fin system used by all leading surfboard brands. The Futures fin system is the lightest and strongest system in the world. We chose this system because it’s a proven, no-nonsense and very durable solution. This system is compatible with all fins carrying the futures adaptor, and you can take our word for it, there are boatloads! They come in all colors, shapes, sizes and setups you’ve ever dreamed of.
More info
The top of the board, our soft skin IXPE, is always groovy :) Like a lizard skin, the eco-friendly IXPE material has a nice and deep texture that provides heaps of grip. Do I need to wax my board? Yes and no :)

Basically, you don’t need to wax your Softdog but when you want to ride it a bit more radical… a little extra wax is your dog’s best friend! Waxing is also a form of meditation and a cool thing to do. When you surf with booties on your paws, wax becomes less important.

Removing wax from your board is also very easy. Just use a friendly detergent like ‘Ecover’ and you can rub the wax right off your board.

Quality meets durability! First of all: ALL Softdog constructions are 100% sealed! This seems like a no-brainer for us, but this is not the case for many softie surfboard brands out there. 100% sealed means a higher quality of surfing and a longer lifespan for your Softdog surfboard. It packs a high-density EPS core wrapped in an eco-friendly IXPE grippy lizard topskin. In between you can find a range of components to make your board stiffer and last longer. Also note the fantastic Flightweight R+ technology stringer on top of your core. This is all technical stuff but it’s good stuff! Softies are the future of no-nonsense surfing for all levels, topped off with an extra-large dose of fun!

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