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5'8 greyhound soft top surfboard design
5'8 greyhound soft top surfboard futures fins quad setup
5'8 greyhound soft top surfboard rails
5'8 greyhound soft top surfboard nose bottom
5'8 greyhound soft top surfboard tail grip leash plug
5'8 greyhound soft top surfboard futures quad fins setup
5'8 greyhound soft top surfboard summer design
futures quad fin setup installment 5'8 greyhound soft top surfboard
5'8 greyhound soft top surfboard quad fin summer softboard
Futures quad fins setup 5'8 soft top surfboard summer
<tc>Greyhound 5'8 | Softtop-Surfboard | VORBESTELLEN</tc>

Greyhound 5'8 | Softtop-Surfboard | VORBESTELLEN


Länge: 5'8 Surfboard

Breite: 22 5/16

Dicke: 2 5/8

Volumen: 45 Liter

Finnen-Setup: Inklusive Quad-Finnen

Farbe: Rot

-Rock solide Konstruktion

-Futures Fin Boxes -Quad Finnen Set-up

-Eidechse griffiges Oberfell

-Integrierte Fin Boxes & Leashplug


"Einfaches Paddeln, stabiles Fahrverhalten und ein unglaublicher Drive!"

Kombiniere die Paddelkraft und Stabilität eines Longboards mit einer Länge, die in viele Taschen passt. Das gesamte Volumen liegt unter der Brust, was ein einfaches Paddeln und ein stabiles Fahrverhalten ermöglicht. Auf der Welle hat das Greyhound dank seines Diamant-Tails einen erstaunlichen Drive. Es ist dein weiches Sommer-Surfboard für schwächere Bedingungen oder das erste Softtop-Surfboard für diejenigen, die ihre ersten Shortboard-Kenntnisse erlernen wollen.


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To give you more insight on this board.
Some of our teamriders define this board as the perfect shortboard for places providing summer waves with less power.
It has a lot of speed with the take-off that you get sooo much more time to look at your line so you can actually prepare and get ready to try your first real moves on a short softboard.
Long story short, this soft top surfboard is a perfect match for people growing towards fun shortboards and looking to link turns. Even in small waves you can look for turns and manoeuvres in tight places.

Quad fin setup
This means your softboard is equipped with a quad fin setup and has 4 fins. Double fins left and right + 2 small rear fins left and right.
A quad fin setup is lovely to generate speed in small summer conditions. Even quick turns and small manoeuvres in weaker waves are perfect for a quad setup soft top surfboard. All of this comes with a lot of quality and control.

Futures finboxes
Futures is a universal system used by all leading surfboard brands in the world. The Futures fin system is the lightest and strongest system in the world.
We choose for this system because it’s a proven, no-nonsense and very durable solution to have fins on your softboard.
This system is compatible with all fins carrying the futures adaptor, and believe us, that’s a lot. All colors, shapes and setups available arround the globe.

More info:
The top of the surfboard, our softskin IXPE, is always groovy :) A lizard skin, meaning that the IXPE material has a good and deep texture that provides a lot of grip.
Do I need to wax my soft top surfboard? Yes and no :)
Basically you don’t need to wax your Softdog surfboard, but when you want to ride it more radical, we still advise you to do so. Waxing is also a form of meditation and a cool thing to do.
When you are surfing with booties wax is becoming of less importance.
So… we leave it up to you if you need surf wax for your fun softboard.
Removing wax from your soft top surfboard is easy. Just use a friendly detergent like ‘ecovert’ and you can rub down the wax from your surfboard.

The starting point of the Kennel construction is durability meets performance! We believe that our Kennel soft top surfboards should be a good compromise between lifespan and performance surfing. First of all: ALL Softdog constructions are 100% sealed! This seems like a no-brainer for us, but this is not the case for many softboard brands out there. 100% sealed means a higher quality of surfing and a longer lifespan for your soft top surfboard. It packs a high-density EPS core wrapped in an eco-friendly IXPE grippy lizard top skin. In between you can find a range of components to make your board stiffer and last longer. The Kennel funboards have a double laminated stringer on top AND on the bottom of your EPS core. Yes, this adding weight BUT way more important is that it’s adding a lot of durability without sacrificing in performance. Also, we worked strictly with 6oz fiberglass sheets to add strength and durability in your 5’8 soft top surfboard! Last but not the least, from surfboard sizes up 6’6 on we worked with an extra bamboo stringer to not compromise on stiffness when you get a longer board. It’s a lot of tech talk, but we are passionate about our fun softboards and surfing in general. We want to make softboards that work as good as it can get! Now paddle out and GO HARD, RIDE SOFT please!

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