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softdogsurf boxer 6'6 soft top surfboard
softdogsurf boxer 6'6 soft top surfboard tail
softdogsurf boxer 6'6 soft top surfboard rail
softdogsurf boxer 6'6 soft top surfboard
softdogsurf boxer 6'6 soft top surfboard moon tail swallow
softdogsurf boxer 6'6 soft top surfboard futures fins
softdogsurf boxer 6'6 soft top surfboard design pattern
softdogsurf boxer 6'6 soft top surfboard futures thruster fins
<transcy>Boxer 6'6 | Soft Top Surfplank | VOORAFGAANDE BESTELLING</transcy>

Boxer 6'6 | Soft Top Surfplank | VOORAFGAANDE BESTELLING

Normale prijs

Lengte: 6'6
Breedte: 23
Dik: 3
Volume: 55L
Vin-configuratie: inclusief Thruster
Kleur: Groen

-Een ijzersterke constructie
-Futures Thruster-opstelling
-Lizard grippy top skin
-Geïntegreerde finboxen & leashplug
-Gelamineerde boven/onder stringer + bamboe stringer versterkt

De Boxer is een zeer speelse hond... Ontworpen voor maximale stabiliteit, snelheid en prestaties voor surfers die op zoek zijn naar hun eerste echte manoeuvres. De maanstaart verlengt je raillengte, waardoor je ook in zwakkere omstandigheden aan manoeuvres kunt werken. Dit board is erg loyaal aan je gemiddelde surfniveau. Een bokser is altijd onverschrokken om nieuwe dingen te leren.

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A little more details about this board…
Let the almost intermediate surfer feel like a pro! The boxer 6'6 soft surfboard is waiting for your first down the line rides. Your first foam clims and turns will be happening with this fun softboard. It's really a very stable surfboard that makes dropping in a lot easier. All that volume with longer rail length makes it happen. This is truly a mean green machine that will up your level of surfing in a blink o the eye! And if it goes a bit slower than that, it's a fucking awesome soft top surfboard with a very good looing and performing shape.
Thruster setup
The 6’6 soft top surfboard is equippd with a good old thruster fin setup. This setup feels like a good all-weather tyre under your car. It will never let you down, no matter the conditions. Easy to get grip when riding down the wave into your bottom turn. Still a good set of side fins to give you speed and flow in your manoeuvres. And… if you’re really adventurous… you can also ride it as a twin fin. This will be a nice setup when riding this dog in weaker summer conditions (less drag of the center fin) and getting a better feel of your level of riding. Just a good thing to mix up things.
Futures finboxes
Futures is a universal fin system used by all leading surfboard brands. The Futures fin system is the lightest and strongest system in the world. We chose this system because it’s a proven, no-nonsense and very durable solution. This system is compatible with all fins carrying the futures adaptor, and you can take our word for it, there are boatloads! They come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and setups you’ve ever dreamed of!
More info
What you don't see is also what you get! We made a double laminated stringer on top of the core and the bottom? Making these Kennel soft top surfboards way more durable and responsive than any other fun summer softboard out there. And to let you know we don't compromise on anything, from the 6'6 size on in the Kennel collection, we even add extra balmboooooom to keep bringing you the stiffness you need.

The top of the board, our soft skin IXPE, is always groovy :) Like a lizard skin, the eco-friendly IXPE material has a nice and deep texture that provides heaps of grip. Do I need to wax my soft top surfboard? Yes and no :)

Basically, you don’t need to wax your Softdog softboard but when you want to ride it a bit more radical… a little extra wax is your dog’s best friend! Waxing is also a form of meditation and a cool thing to do. When you surf with booties on your paws, wax becomes less important. Removing wax from your board is also very easy. Just use a friendly detergent like ‘Ecover’ and you can rub the wax right off your softboard.

The starting point of the Kennel construction is durability meets performance! We believe that our Kennel soft top surfboards should be a good compromise between lifespan and performance surfing. First of all: ALL Softdog constructions are 100% sealed! This seems like a no-brainer for us, but this is not the case for many softboard brands out there. 100% sealed means a higher quality of surfing and a longer lifespan for your soft top surfboard. It packs a high-density EPS core wrapped in an eco-friendly IXPE grippy lizard top skin. In between you can find a range of components to make your board stiffer and last longer. The Kennel funboards have a double laminated stringer on top AND on the bottom of your EPS core. Yes, this adding weight BUT way more important is that it’s adding a lot of durability without sacrificing in performance. Also, we worked strictly with 6oz fiberglass sheets to add strength and durability in your dog! Last but not the least, from surfboard sizes up 6’6 on we worked with an extra bamboo stringer to not compromise on stiffness when you get a longer board. It’s a lot of tech talk, but we are passionate about our fun softboards and surfing in general. We want to make softboards that work as good as it can get! Now paddle out and GO HARD, RIDE SOFT please!

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