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  • Fintastic Fin Tactics

    Fins make the difference to your surfing. The differences in a fin setup can do fintastic things. Get to know everything about fin shapes, styles, ...

    A hot doggin' kennel surf sesh with our first batch of Kennels. The dogs were waggling, tripping, hoppling and kicking to get out there. Because a good dog can't be kept down. Watch the Softdogs hot doggin' their skills the first time out in the water. This first Kennel sesh was wild.
  • Softdogsurf x Alaïa Bay

    Get to know everything about our experience during our trip to the wavepool of Alaïa Bay. We surfed, we skated and we went snowboarding. We took our Soft... dogs ... to the water and surfed Malibu and expert mode, followed by catching some tubes!
  • Slam Fest

    SOFTDOGSURF SLAM FEST   Indoor surfing is challenging.Indoor surfing is fun.Indoor surfing is hard.We prefer the ocean.But we had a blast and would...

    POINTDOGS Four minutes of hard soft top surfing. A few great days with our first batch of dogs, dog friends and thrashers Toxic Shock, ended up a tribute to one of our fave’ coming of age movies. We got lucky on the wave front and with how good those boards felt. If you don’t believe…watch it again

    Only for the old skool cool surfing dogs.
    For noserides, cross-steps, first waves and small days.
  • North Sea Dawn Spring

    Testing out our Alpha and Skooldog soft top surfboards collection during a small swell. Mission successful. Big smiles, small waves, during morning haze.
  • Softdogsurf x Night Surffest

    During the last weekend of October, the first edition of the Hague Night Surffest was held in Scheveningen. Not only was this the first Night edition of the Surffest, it was also the first nightsurf contest held in Northern Europe. To celebrate this did we give away a brand-new Alpha softtop surfboard to the winner of the Grommets!
  • Softdogsurf x SurfGirl Mag

    Psst, did you know about the Softdogsurf x SurfGirl Mag softboard giveaway? We were very excited to hand over one of our most reliable friends to Surfgirl Magazine, the mid-length 7'0 Retriever softboard. But don't walk away with your tail between your legs yet, because a new giveaway with Surfgirl might be coming soon. Don't miss out on this barking opportunity and follow our socials closely!

    Saw a fellow walking with a top-notch shortboard,all stickered up like he got sponsors deals flying around like summer mosquitos...only to se...