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Package Deal | Great Dane 6'2
Futures thruster fins 6'2 softboard
Package Deal | Great Dane 6'2
Package Deal | Great Dane 6'2
softdogsurf grate dane 6'2 soft top surf board
softdogsurf grate dane 6'2 soft top surf board rail
softdogsurf grate dane 6'2 soft top surf board nose
softdogsurf grate dane 6'2 soft top surf board tail leash plug
softdogsurf grate dane 6'2 soft top surf board futures thruster fins
softdogsurf grate dane 6'2 soft top surfboard top design

Package Deal | Great Dane 6'2

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Length: 6'2 surfboard
Width: 22 5/16
Thickness : 3
Volume: 48 Liters
Including Thruster fins  / Leash 6'0 / Wax
Color: Blue

-A rock solid construction
-Futures Fin boxes - thruster setup
-Lizard grippy top skin
-Integrated finboxes & leashplug
-Friendly volume shape

Some call it a longboard outline, some call it a functional cruiser because of the tapered tail. The shape is gentle, sweet, affectionate. It loves to play. This dog is relaxed with beginners and more experienced surfers The Great Dane wants to be where the fun is, small or bigger waves.

You want to chat about this 6'2 softboard with us? Please do so... put your paw on the whatsapp button below and you might adopt this puppy soon.

Or test this softboard during one of Surfblend's surfholidays, or in the Surfschool in the Netherlands.

More info coming soon

The starting point of the Kennel construction is durability meets performance! We believe that our Kennel soft top surfboards should be a good compromise between lifespan and performance surfing. First of all: ALL Softdog constructions are 100% sealed! This seems like a no-brainer for us, but this is not the case for many softboard brands out there. 100% sealed means a higher quality of surfing and a longer lifespan for your soft top surfboard. It packs a high-density EPS core wrapped in an eco-friendly IXPE grippy lizard top skin. In between you can find a range of components to make your board stiffer and last longer. The Kennel funboards have a double laminated stringer on top AND on the bottom of your EPS core. Yes, this adding weight BUT way more important is that it’s adding a lot of durability without sacrificing in performance. Also, we worked strictly with 6oz fiberglass sheets to add strength and durability in your 6’2 soft top surfboard! Last but not the least, from surfboard sizes up 6’6 on we worked with an extra bamboo stringer to not compromise on stiffness when you get a longer board. It’s a lot of tech talk, but we are passionate about our fun softboards and surfing in general. We want to make softboards that work as good as it can get! Now paddle out and GO HARD, RIDE SOFT please!