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Softdogsurf x Night Surffest

Softdogsurf x Night Surffest surf contest the Netherlads

The last weekend of October was a very special one. This was when the first edition of the Hague Night Surffest was held at the Pier in Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

Not only was this the first Night edition of the Surffest, it was also the first nightsurf contest held in Northern Europe. To celebrate this did we give away a brand-new Alpha softtop surfboard to the winner of the Grommets! We had barking fun and the competitors got some awesome prices sponsored by Softdogsurf, O'neil Europe and the Holland Surf Association. Woof!

Are you ready to take on the challenge next year? Take on the challenge against international surfers, the pups under 12 years old, or the grommets from 12 to 16 year old. Everyone can compete!


Watch the after-movie, and see how it all happened. Join the competition in the next edition, you might win some Softdogsurf killer prices! 

Explore the Alpha series, our performance range of soft top surfboards. Available in 4'5, 4'10, 5'2 and 5'8. Shred in all conditions, it's the musthave of your quiver!

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